Agro Tourism is not very new for Nepal. It has started along with the diversification of adventure tourism activities in the country. Concept of Spice Garden Tourism is somehow new for Nepal. Country like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, North & South America, etc. has handful of examples as well as Spice Garden Tourism Destinations and becoming more popular with domestic and international tourists. Nepal as Adventure tourism destination gradually introducing other alternative types of tourism activities such as agro, forest, community and rural lifestyle based tourism activities. Ilam, Tharu Village at Chitwan, Tamang Heritage Site at Rasuwa and recently Coffee Trail at Makawanpur some exemplary destinations, which has witnessed numbers of tourist, domestic as well and international, who would come to visit tea estates, Tharu & Tamang Culture, coffee garden and rural people's lifestyle in Nepal. Also, Godavri Botanical Garden is yet another tourist destination located in the Kathmandu Valley.

But for the first time the concept of Cardamom Spice Garden Tourism product has been introduced at Taplejung, with the view to use value of Cardamom Spice into local tourism activities that ultimately create "Kanchenjunga Cardamom Spice Garden Agro Trail". Nepal's many of the community based tourism destinations are famous for different high value agro-crops, spice, tea and coffee as well as medicinal herbs. Considering these facts Cardamom farming at Taplejung has been chosen for developing Cardamom Spice Garden Tourism Agro Trail to provide alternative choice ofsatisfaction to tourists visiting to adventure destination such as Kanchenjunga region for trekking and mountaineering, Fung-funge waterfall, Sodo Pokhari, Pathibhara pilgrimage place and Tinjure- Milke-Jaljale.


Cardamom is not only use as spice for people food variety also there are many activities relating to cardamom farming, which can tourist interest for participation. Visitors can spend their holiday with cardamom farmers and local community people engaging them in cardamom plantation, harvesting, drying & Curing as well as experiencing authentic local food with cardamom spice, local culture, rituals, tradition and peoples lifestyle within the cardamom farming places of Taplejung District. The foremost region for introducing this Cardamom Spice Garden Agro Trail is to increase the income of local community people through tourism activities along with the cardamom farming.

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